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The Story

Krista J Smith is an Adventurer, Seeker with an innate love for the outdoors and our planet. A highly sought after Energy & Health Coach.

I am Krista, The Energy Coach, British by birth. I left England in 2004 to travel the world and seek out adventure.

Like James Cook I discovered the shores of Australia, and fell in love with its raw, rugged beauty.

Australia complemented my sense for Adventure and captivated my soul.

This country opened my eyes to many new modalities of Health & Wellness.

I have always been incredible fascinated with the human body, mind and heart.

Every time I work with a client I get to see the incredible ingenuity of humanity.

I have witnessed the extraordinary ability the physical body has to heal its self, watched the power of the mind and discovered the strength of the human spirit.

Through my own journey I have been fortunate to study under some of the best bodywork specialists, health practitioners, thoughts leads and spiritual teachers Australia, US, Japan, South America and Europe has to offer.

I have come to believe many of humanity’s social issues come from malnutrition of the body, mind & heart.

I have personally experienced and witnessed the simple fact that when we give ourselves the right environment & nurture our Body, Mind & Heart we have the ability to be & live an extraordinary lives.

My calling and love is to seek out the tools, techniques & wisdoms that supports you, me and our younger generation’s to fuse the intelligence of the Body, Mind & Heart so we can heal, innovate and live with vigour.

I am living testament to these simple yet powerful teachings. I now dedicate my life to practicing, coaching and sharing this wisdom. My mission is to support and encourage my clients to be & live the extraordinary with good health, vision and creation energy.

Everyday I wake up in awe of our ability to be co-creators, I get out of bed everyday because I love the human spirit and our ability to be resilient, heal & transform.

The further I cast my net, the more I meet incredible people doing extraordinary things, this energies me to past the baton forward.

I brought together my commercial experience with the alternative wisdom to share this knowledge to support others to find confidence, self-empowerment, reduce stress and have great health.

Through one to one coaching, team events and workshops, Krista teaches simple yet powerful techniques designed to build individual confidence, transform old habits, reduce stress and cultivate great health.

Attending the coaching programs, training & events will open you up to learn whats right for you, self-empowerment, feel great in your own skin so you can live an extraordinary life.

Be Empowered

Krista is the Founder and Chief Energy Coach at United Fusion Group. She will show you how to transform old habits and support you to achieve your ultimate health goals.

Learn NEW ways of thinking & being for success in all areas of your life:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Personal Goals & Desires

Rediscover & Empower Your Innate Creativity and Passion!

Using genuine methods that get real results, you’ll learn to build lasting & genuine relationships, become confident in taking action and create ambitious goals towards your health and wellness. To create and attract an extraordinary life, we must be clear about who we are, what we need to flourish in our environment. Unleash this powerful energy that connects you to genuine partnerships, great health, loved ones and builds a natural sustainable future for you and our planet.

Training Philosophy

Krista trains from her heart to bring about holistic sustainable health & wellness for individuals, groups & teams. Krista teaches simple powerful programs to positively revolutionise individuals lives and vitaility.

Giving It Back – The vision

I am passionate to help strengthen the global innovation capability needed to address humanity’s grand challenges: Global Health, Education, Food and Environment.

My Business acumen experience lends me the ability to meld my coaching & consulting to work with many individual, government projects and/or business needs & functions.

I started my own coaching practice in February 2015 after a successful 11 years working as a Business consultant for the IT Industry, consulting to both internal and external clients. I worked across human resources, marketing, business development & consulting with a focused on workforce management & engagement.

I have worked with large enterprise, mining & government clients to name a few across Australia and Europe.

I have set out on a journey to bring both my coaching and consulting abilities to support holistic Health practices and bring these to the world with a focus on our younger generations.

My mission is to build a self-subsidises eco lab in the pacific where scholarships are honoured and people came come to learn about Health and train to pass the baton forward and find new ways of doing things to support our depleted global eco systems.

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