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The festive season is always so emotionally energised on one end of the scale you have positive vibes of love and gratitude and at the other end you have loneliness, lack and fear.

So I am going to share three tips to keep you balanced and empowered to survive any situation this festive season whether you have overload on the “monkey mind” inner voice chatter or the relo’s from hell turning up.

There is so much pressure at this time of year to get on with everyone and spend excuses money on things for people you may have only seen a few times in the last year and it’s likely you won’t see them much in 2018.

I have also noticed that time seems to go into hype speed. You never have enough time to get the shopping done, presents wrapped & pre-pare the banquet that only Henry the V111 would have be extremely pleased with.

We also lose our ability to make healthy choices…it goes right out the window!

That inner voice in our head knows that it’s party time. The inner voice is extremely good at persuading us to have another mice pie, extra glass of bubbles or some more cheese.

It kinda goes like this “I’ll loose the few extra pounds as one of my New Year resolves” & “Its Christmas an extra glass of wine won’t hurt” or “I’ll go on a detox or add extra yoga classes in the New Year”

So where has all the magic gone?

We as humans long to belong, we long to give love and be part of something that fills us up and brings us joy. One of our core soul needs is to contribute, this is manifested in our desire to serve those around us and give rather than simply receive.

This needs to be balanced in order for you to feel complete and whole, many of us at this time of year give however we are unable to receive…either we fall victim to our own belief system that we are not worthy of receiving, good enough or we are desperately trying to be loved that we will not allow ourselves to receive love & joy as we are distracted by giving to much out and not allowing anything in.

Isaac Newton’s third law of motion is that every action has an equal, moreover, an opposite reaction. Therefor nothing is at absolute rest and everything changes rhythmically.

Emotion is Energy in motion, one emotion has its equal counterpart and what we experience deems us to experience its opposite. Love & Joy = Fear & Loss are all part of the Universal Law of Rhythm as giving and receiving.

Contribution is about sharing what we have with others. Everything in the universe contributes beyond itself. When you are focusing on serving beyond yourself most of our problems just drifted away. What we put out will find its way back; moreover, we need to be present and open to receiving.

Example Newton’s cradle is a device that demonstrates conservation of momentum and energy using a series of swinging spheres.

“You’re Emotion is your Energy in momentum” ~ The Energy Coach.

Through contribution of our energy, time and attention we feel love, joy and complete. We inspire who we really are.

I have tried and tested these three strategies I am about to share with you, I have also aligned these with key universal laws of cause and effect so you can’t go wrong.

1 Find a complete stranger and give something with no expectation of having something in return. This could be a coffee at the coffee shop, bunch of flowers place at the door of your next-door neighbour …find someone and be benevolent.

2 Move!! By moving whether it’s a surfing, a swim in the ocean, yoga or a walk in the park you will kick in your metabolism and your body will function better & thank you for it. You’ll have less “monkey mind” and you’ll keep your central nervous system in check…its important to take the time out for you and breathe.

3 You are the sum total of your environment. We feel forced to maybe hangout with people we wouldn’t normally hangout with over the festive season. So just breath and workout what kinda environment would you like to experience and try to use the 20/80 rule with the people you want to enjoy your time with as appose to duty calls. It’s OK to make your polite excuses and leave to spend the 80% of time with the people you really want to be with.

And the bonus point is: Stay true to your core values and allow judgement and criticism to pass you by, remembering to just breathe and stay true to you and get curious about what it is your really need.

So with all my heart I wish you and your loved ones great festivities.

Look out for my next post on manifesting for 2018 and how to master your own health and well being.

Where ever you are on this beautiful planet of ours “Live the extraordinary” Krista J. The Energy Coach.

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