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We have explained a little of what to do to support your energy and bring a healthy balance to your body. Here is what not to do.

Foods to stay well clear of:

  • Processed Foods (this isn’t real food, it has no positive energetic charge) aka no nutritional value.
  • Too many animal products – see part 1 for an explanation on this.
  • Refined flour, sugar and salt: these all bring imbalance to the metabolism and digestion. Too much salt promotes fluid in the body and tends to increase cravings for sugar.
  • Deep-fried foods and foods with heavy oil – nuts, seeds and avocados are to be eaten occasionally.
  • Packaged food and drinks – This is just not good on so many levels both for you and our environment so why invest your hard earned cash in crap? You may as well flush it down the toilet or give it to me. Its expensive long term and increases your chance of high medical bills in the future.  Plus the packaging is misleading and keeps overly paid marketing executive in jobs that are damaging to society. “Yes” I agree it’s a bit rich however it’s not that far off the mark. My aim is not to offend any marketing executives, however to tell it as it is.
  • “It’s a churn and burn baby” a highly completive industry that will do anything to get your hard earned $$’s.  So use your buying power wisely!! You have a lot of power here. These people have no issues with robbing you of your energy and ultimately your good health.
  • I get it, it’s like a break up and yes you will have withdrawals and most likely go back. You’ll maybe even find yourself romanticising about the past. Let it go – there are better and greater things for you out there. These will increase your energy and support your good health.
  • Go easy on bananas, cherries, corn, dates, dried fruit, figs, grapes, green peas, pears, pineapple, sweet potatoes, potatoes and white rice; eat carbohydrates for lunch, not for your evening meal.
  • Sometimes you just need a hug, and when there is no one around to do it a big bowl of pasta is as good. However always question why you are doing it? If you need a hug and that bowl of pasta will do the trick great, however if you then spend the next 5 hours before bed mentally beating yourself up because you ate a big load of carbs then you need to look at that.  Its creates stress in the body and ultimately creates toxins and does more damage.
  • Just in case you missed it in part 1, the rule of thumb is to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a noble man and dinner like a poor man.
  • Last but not least Alcohol. Yes that’s right it sticks on the pounds! I am not advocating a ban on consumption of alcohol, however a nip of vodka or whisky, a glass of good high quality red wine is good for the soul.  Take note of your consumption, it creates inflammation in the body and is full of sugar. It’s OK for special occasions and parties, however it shouldn’t be used to distract from your day or give you confidence to socialise.

Again alcohol is a mass consumer product and the quality can suffer. Unless it’s top shelf it’s normally full of chemicals, preservatives that do not support the health and wellbeing of the body. Producers use these to speed the manufacturing process up so they can match supply and demand whilst competing to get your hard earned cash – one way to do this is appeal to your taste buds by chemically producing products they know you are sure to purchase. It’s a huge game of smoke and mirrors.

Like all things it takes time, commitment and everything is a journey. The advice I have given is from my own experience as a natural therapist and what has worked for me and clients in my clinic.  You should however always consult your Doctor if you are concerned about your health & wellbeing. Ultimately you are the boss of your body and deep down you know what is best for you. So listen to your body. Yoga and mediation are great ways to start to open that communication channel so you can hear your own inner wisdom.

My next blog will be on lifestyle factors your can employ to lead a healthy, fun and balanced life. If you are interested in a 7 day meal plan then send an e-mail and we will send one out to you.

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