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What if I told you that you don’t need any more fad diets,  just a balanced diet to help you drop a few Kg’s and some active fun in your life?  “WHAT” hold the phone……. Yep seems too good to be true right?

To bring a healthy weight to the body requires a lifetime commitment of self-worth, love and respect.

You need to commit to and create a healthy lifestyle.  Getting to know yourself physically, mentally and emotionally is essential and no two people are the same.

Hence why I believe fad diets are rot and a complete waste of time and energy. I feel really strongly about this topic as it has caused so much damage to people’s physical, mental and emotional states. Not to mention the completely crazy social norms these days. Turn on your TV to see just how many TV stars and celebrities are disfigured and malnourished. The human body is a beautiful creation and not one is the same so to treat everyone the same is ludicrous in my eyes.

I’ll leave you to your own ideas. However here are some pointers I have used and offer out in my practice to support people to bring health, healing, energy and balance to their bodies.

1 It is important to not feel deprived, so it’s important to know what you can eat and what to avoid.

2 Look at your body and your goals as improving your health rather than loosing weight. Stop focusing on how you should look.

3 Educate yourself on nutrition and food; make this fun not a chore.

Obesity has been linked to food sensitivities and allergies. One big reason for this is insufficient Liver function and lack of energy caused by eating too many animal foods and heavy rich, complex foods.

Here are helpful foods to support you on your journey: {*remember everyone is different so just ask your body and it will tell you what is right for you, if you have lost that dialog between you and your body read further down on life style factors}.

1 Eat what is in season – in summer eat fruits that are low in Carbohydrates and Kilojoules – apples, rock melon, grapefruit, berries and watermelon (You can eat water melon till the cows come home).

2 Squeeze lemon into hot water in the morning first thing; it’s a great way to support Liver function and helps detox the liver. The Liver helps the body to let go of excess fats in the body.

3 GLA (gamma linolenic acid) is a very important part to loosing a few kg’s and is great for those people who have consumed too many animal fats/protein. Spirulina is a rich source and easily digested, chorella are also great sources. This can be found naturally in seaweed and grass.

3 Daikon (Chinese white Radish) again helps support the Liver to process fats. There are many ways you can get this amazing vegetable so look up on line how to create masterpieces from this vegie.

Just as a side note the Germans dish this vegie up when they are drinking beer. I am not suggesting you do that.  It however makes sense as this vegetables has amazing healing properties to support the Liver.

4 Pickles and Sauerkraut assist in the absorption of fats, although these should be eaten only in small amounts due to their high salt and vinegar content. Used as a condiment to meals is a great way to add these to your meal plans.

5 Bitter foods, including rye, amaranth, quinoa, oats, lettuce, celery, asparagus, shallots and rocket all support the fat burning function/ energy in the body.

6 Carbohydrates such as brown rice, oats, pasta, noodles, vegies, nuts & seeds are great for releasing energy slowly into the body, so you feel fuller for longer and have the energy you need to do what you enjoy. Rather than have all your energy going to your digestion system. The more you chew the sweeter they become and carbs should be eaten with every meal and make up 80% of your meal plan becoming the majority of your diet.

7 Good fatty acids like coconut water, goat’s milk and high quality olive oils are again great for flushing the body in the right way.

8 Avo the Australian dream. I rarely ate avocados till I came to Australia.  In moderation these are great for people who have had a high dietary fat history.

9 Protein sources, such as fish & legumes (Peas, Beans & lentils) can increase your metabolism by 30%. You must cook these well or you will create unwanted Flatulence, which can either be rather awkward or amusing depending on your own views.

Like all things it takes time, commitment  and everything is a journey. The advice I have given is from my own experience as a natural therapist and what has worked for me and my clients in my clinic.  You should however always consult your Doctor if you are concerned about your health & wellbeing. Ultimately you are the boss of your body and deep down you know what is best for you. So listen to your body. Yoga and mediation are great ways to start to open that communication channel so you can hear your own inner wisdom.

My next blog will be on foods to avoid and lifestyle factors your can employ to lead a healthy, fun and balanced life. If you are interested in a 7 day meal plan then send an e-mail and we will send one out to you.


Refrence source: Janella Purcell’s, elixer how to use foods as medicine.
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