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Avoid Burnout.

We spend most of our time in the office or on our own business and if you are anything like me it can become monotonous and mundane. Day in day out the same old thing can be a warning sign your energy is out of balance and you’re heading for burnout.

Have you ever experienced a time when you are head down and focused on the task at hand? Time seems to melt away. The right people show up at the right time, things come together easily and it’s fun and enjoyable. Instead of feeling exhausted, you feel energised and have enough energy in the tank to do what you love and life just flows.

This is a natural state of being, however we are all investing far too much energy into overthinking, over commitment, cultural concerns, loved one and keeping up with the Joneses.

Our nervous systems are over-stimulated and this makes our adrenal system depleted. This physiology makes any task feel like suffering and a complete bore.

Our environments are everything, both internal and external.  When we are living in a balanced environment we can achieve anything from a happy place.

Add these 10 habits to your week and see your world expand.


Start your day with you, have at least an hour to yourself to journal, do yoga, go for a brisk walk, meditate. Make it your day – don’t start your day in debt to someone else. Eat breakfast like a King. Chew your food so your metabolism kicks in. Do not eat breakfast on the run.


You are who you are, you are enough as your are. Everyday is different. Highly ambitious people feel the need to have perfection. The perfect boss, employee or co-worker. This leads to procrastination, which leads to stuck energy, which leads to nothing moving, which overwhelms and depletes our WILL to move forward out of fear we are not enough. Listen to your random inner dialogue. Great way to flush this out of the unconscious mind is to sit with a pen and paper and journal what you believe about a certain situation. Read it back and work out if this is your own belief or reality.


When we have a full to-do list we tend to sit for hours in front a computer, desk or in meetings. Take at least four 10 minutes breaks throughout your day and move away from your space. When we sit and use our heads all day our energy is directed to our brain. Like a computer our storage capacity becomes full and our ability for clarity & focus has no more room. When we move our energy drops from our head into our body and allows us to restore our storage capacity. A10 minute meditate or a walk in the fresh air will increase your physiology & productivity. Stop using artificial substances to push through, these deplete you further and give you only a quick fix. That means drop the soda, sugar and cigarette breaks. Stop using these as an excuse to give yourself permission to leave your desk. You are not a caged animal.


Eat healthy high-energy snacks; we eat far too much and this leads to fatigue. We fill ourselves up and all the energy in our body is used to digest our foods rather than applying it to creativity. Chew your food a lot, sit down to eat and always have a feeling you are just satisfied rather than over-eating. Over-eating at lunchtime will lead to the 3pm crash.


Have the correct philosophy, mental focus and gratitude for what you have right now. Counting grains of rice can be exciting. We all get caught up in the future vision rather than being present with the task at hand. This opens up our random inner dialogue for criticism for future projections or past fears. Do one thing at a time and be completely with that task. Don’t get yourself in debt to other’s poor time keeping or overzealous goals. Set yourself up to win; playing someone else’s game without strong rules or boundaries is like kicking a home goal. You might as well give them the point before you start.


Life happens and things are changeable – it’s the natural order of things, situations come up and curve balls do happen. It’s important to look at the positive, no matter how small you need to focus, always see a positive perspective. Let it go and move on. Once we surrender to what is, it’s quite extraordinary how things happen to work out. This cannot be predicted in the moment, it’s always seen in hindsight. You may have lost a project that funding got cut on or were unable to secure a client who goes into a merger or acquisition. Things can never be predicted in the moment. So stay positive and trust things happen for a reason.


It is important to block out the week, know when your energy levels are high or low. Use this as a benchmark to set up your down-time and high activity time. I personally take Thursdays as my rest day and I always have a good breakfast followed by something that I know will increase my energy. This could be an outdoor activity, being with people who make me smile or just learning something new. This is a compounding investment and if done on a regular basis you will notice you have more energy, less illness and people will enjoy being around you.


It is human nature to continue to grow and we need to expand or we literally die mentally, physically or emotionally. What skills would you like to obtain? It is important here to up-skill in an area you feel resonance and value.  So many of us set goals based on making other people happy. We align our goals to other peoples’ judgements or ideologies. For example “If I do this project management course I’ll make my programme director happy and possible get a pay rise”. However “I love working with people and would love to study a certification in training & development”.


One way to drain your energy is to keep going over & over something that hasn’t worked out the way you had hoped. Develop you ability to let it go! There are always things that will be out of your control; people will always disagree with you. Its good to put space between you and your problem whilst making your next few moves small so you can emotionally process your experience. Look at breaking things down into small bite-size steps. Then write a reflection, this way we can mentally let go and clear space to take the next step and provide us with learning from the experience.


Our breath is the bridge between the body & mind. (Our physiology and our nervous system). So often when stress has been activated our breathing changes. The body lets off a chemical reaction which puts us into our flight or fight mode. To regulate this chemical reaction deep breathing will reverse this process. You’ll know stress has been activated in the body, when you are breathing from the chest. So walk away, sit down and take three deep breaths into the lower abdomen and you will automatically start to feel all you muscles relax and your random inner dialogue will calm. Do for as long as needed.

If you follow all these 10 steps on a regular basis, the less time it will take you to come back to balance/centre, its like building compounding interest.

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