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Change is transformational, it can be painful or your can apply strategies to support the growth. Here are my tried and tested strategies to bring sustainable success.

Accept discomfort

In the moment the truth hurts, it takes courage to look at the real challenge or behaviours we adopt or accept. To acknowledge what is really going on means you have to step way out of your comfort zone.  As soon as we become conscious of what is holding us back you are empowered to make a choice towards or away from growth. We feel anxious to make a change. When it’s the right change the anxiety subsides and you feel good once you have taken action towards your choice.

Embrace Clarity

The biggest obstacle holding people back is the lack of clarity they have towards something they want to create. It takes visualization to see what you want or would like to experience. The damage with this though is we can fall into following someone else’s dream or idea, ignoring our own desires. You may be motivated to loose weight for someone else rather than for you or follow a career path based on being accepted or connected to society, a loved one or what feels comfortable. These are damaging places to be, it takes you off track and 9/10 you will loose the motivation to keep sustainable change.  To visualise what you would like to create personally or professionally gives you a target to aim for and an idea of how high you need to aim. We become proactive and people and opportunities start to open up for us in a big way. However it is counter-intuitive to take time out of our busy day-to-day schedule to sit and daydream. We were always told off for daydreaming at school. This is why we end up following someone else’s dream rather our own.

You are worthy

How often do beliefs, feelings and unconscious behaviours take us off track? What new shiny thing can we focus our energy on rather than staying true to what we are aiming for? Society is full of distractions and it’s easy to be swayed in another direction. This will only rip out the seeds you have sown. Listen to your random inner dialog, if you can’t hear your internal voice then journal you thoughts about your worth. Behind the distraction is years of programming and patterning that is fuelling your inner critic and sabotaging your progress. It speaks to us in a dialect of  “I CAN’T”, “I WON’T” or “I SHOULDN’T”. If we don’t get a handle on this we stress our nervous system and we end up standing still or going backwards. So ask yourself this, “I can’t be if I could……” fill in the blanks.

Your Environment is your, everything

This includes people in your environment, you don’t need to banish people from your life. However you need to set up an environment that will cultivate your success, sometimes this means leaving an environment you may feel comfortable in and joining a like-minded community, group or environment. See how you can bring a small thing/idea from the big ideology into your everyday. This could be listening to a podcast on investing, having coffee with someone who inspires you, placing a picture of your dream car on you screen saver or reading about health and wellbeing. What ever it is, make sure you do something everyday to remind you of your bigger vision whilst slowly expanding your current environment in a small sustainable way.

Eliminate Random Inner Dialog

A mindset & belief system that supports your vision is slow to cultivate when you first set out. As they say neurons that fire together wire together. The more positivity you can put into your every day experience, thoughts, feelings, and physical sensation will trigger thousands of neurons, which form new neural pathways in your brain building you a brand spanking new belief system. So how do we hack or up-grade our old programming? Gratitude, gratitude and more gratitude it’s not easy at first, look at the small things to start with especially if you are going through a big change or coming out the other side of a traumatic experience. Get yourself a journal and at the end of each day write it all down, the small things you’re grateful for. You will slowly hack you random inner dialog and transform your thinking.


The tendency to get complaisant or to slip back into old patterns is completely normal and mostly occurs just as we are about to break new ground. If you do slip, be ok with that, get back up and carry on. Beating yourself up will undo all the great work you have done so far. Remember change is uncomfortable so keep small steps in mind and you’ll be less likely fall too far behind. Remember small steps compound into huge future investments. You never see all the sweat, hard work and tears that went into making some of greatest people on our planet legends. We only see their vision come to fruition after the journey has been completed. They toiled diligently towards their dreams, never giving up and staying focused on the vision.

Feel the fear and do it any way

I love this saying; it has rung true to me in so many of my endeavours. We all feel the anxiety associated with change. It is possible to harness this power to fuel a successful outcome. Understanding how we interpret the adrenal rush we experience with anxiety can either trick the brain into thinking fear or excitement. How we approach this has an effect on our actions and behaviours. By replicating situations with smaller experiences as a training ground can help transform something we once feared into an exciting experience. This can be things like public speaking. You might like to join a group and practice. Running a marathon, sign up for a few smaller events before hand. Use an anchor to keep you grounded. I have a story that was told to me by someone I look up to who missed out on a huge record deal due to fear and not trusting in his own self worth. I use that story as my anchor to cultivate excitement in my mind, body and spirit. This fuels my vision and gets me a step closer towards my own aspirations and dreams.

I can only hope these tips will support you on your own journey.

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