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Are you a Spiritedprenuer?

Can you answer yes to the following questions? No matter what business you’re in do you purposely solve the needs & wants of your people with more than just great products and workable solutions?

That’s a rhetorical question!

Do you know what your people look like? Where they spend their free time? What they do on the weekends? What brands they resonate with?

What do they know about you? Do they feel the resonance to you and your brand? Do they hang out with you? Are you relevant to their motivations and desires?

From my experience what they really want to know is that you personally are the type of business/ Spiritedpreneur to whom they can trust, collaborate with whilst meeting their needs & desires with ease.

Do you walk your talk?

I have listed seven points from my experience that people want to see in you and your business, no matter what people’s worldview maybe.

Independent thinking:

People want to know that you’ll represent their interests, even if it’s not in your own financial interest, especially when the proverbial chips are down. As the leader of your people it’s your job to make certain these chips stay up. We are all human and things out of your control do happen. When they do, your own advocacy has to stand in alignment with your values & culture.


Your people want to know that you can be trusted to do the right thing. They expect you and your business to counsel them on your own vision, products and services. Could you honestly uphold that whatever people are seeking from your products or services, even if it isn’t in their greatest interests, you’ll happily turn business away knowing its none beneficially to you and the interested parties? This takes courage & authentic leadership.


The best communities don’t want you to hustle and beg. They trust you to deliver what they want with pride, these people look to successful leaders who can inspire & handle difficult tasks and apply innovative practices to build strong sustainable relationships.


People are busy and time poor today, they do not want a barrage of negative poised messages that point out their undoing, binge marketing campaigns or listening to cookie-cutter sales presentations. The old days are long gone, however people are always open to making time for somebody who can redefine problems and devise workable solutions that have a positive impact and relevance to their own needs & desires.


People are taking a risk when they follow or buy from you. They both need and expect you and your business to exude the kind of confidence that assures them you’ll do what it takes to make them happy and create positive impact to the social ecology within your own community.


People want you to see the situation from their prospective. They want you to understand their needs & desires and the challenges that they face on two levels, intellectually and emotionally. They want to feel your intuitive gut instinct is on point whilst logical solutions have been applied to innovate your products and services on offer.


Above all things people want honesty, if distrust is detected you lose your people’s trust and stunt your own growth. Due to the old ways of marketing, people have a nose for deceitful communication, products and services. In fact, the previous six values are built upon the foundation of honesty. Without honesty, you have absolutely nothing to offer your people and you’ll only go backwards.

How many of these seven points can you confidently say you execute and uphold? Is this something that runs throughout the culture of your business? If your answer is yes “CONGRAULTAIONS.” You have a solid foundation for the creation energy to flow through all dimensions of your business. I personally look forward to watching you prosper and grow.

Want to share your story? I am constantly looking for inspiring stories & speakers to share new ways of thinking. We have a strong growing community of Spirtiedpreneur’s looking for encouragement, knowledge & wisdom. If you feel called to share your story, I would love to hear from you.

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