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Growing up in Latin America, Italy and the US, Sara’s story starts as a little girl growing up in an entrepreneurial family, “It was exciting as a teenager to sit by the bar and wait for Dad to finish up”, she said.

That is also where she met an eccentric gay man who worked for her family would make a big impact on her life.  He gifted her a book on the secret art of manifesting, “a powerful how-to guide on manifestation.”

After completing a business degree in Rome, she landed a job working with one of the most influential real estate business women in Florida.

She realised the devil doesn’t wear Prada; she wears Chanel and turns over $19 million a year.

Sara said “This was great, learning to work under someone who was so demanding, focused and drove extremely high expectations.” With the opportunity to travel, she was exposed to the world of art and a seed had been planted.

Life took its twists and turns and in 2007 Sara’s mum was diagnosed with breast cancer.  “It’s not about what you’re faced with it, it’s how you deal with it that counts”, she said bravely.

Her life took another turn of events when she met her husband, Australia’s cricket icon, Glenn McGrath in South Africa and fell madly and deeply in love.

“Like business you have the controllable and the uncontrollable,” she explains.

Falling in love was the latter.

When she first arrived in Australia she was chased down by paparazzi; friends were selling stories to the tabloids and it was an extremely intense time. She realised her place was at home; to find her own position within this new family.

One morning a book jumped off the shelf; on the front cover, it said “You can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought.” She was reminded she had deviated from her manifesting and in that moment she was determined to make her own path.

She started a blog on healthy eating, and coming from an Italian background, food had always been such an important part of family life.

Sara began to manifest the life she wanted to lead and rekindled her love for art galleries. There was a gap in the market and she was going to do something about it – the seed had been planted many years ago.

Sara’s best friend happened to be one of New York’s most renowned art curators.

So what do you do when you are in business? You hire someone who is much better than you in their field!

After conducting a feasibility study, Sara called her friend from New York; “with your skills and knowledge and my network we can really make this work,” she asked.

They went to the experts and the experts turned and asked “why on earth would you open up a gallery in this current economic climate? You have no chance.”

Sara was also told that art galleries are projects for wives of rich men to give them something to do. They left the meeting so fired up that nothing was going to stand in their way.

Consequently, MCLEMOI Gallery was born – a contemporary art gallery that introduces young emerging artists.

The girls had passion and that really was the driving force to get the idea going. They opened their first showing but they didn’t sell a single painting.

So they went back to the drawing board.

They had a lot of people waiting for them to succeed but they also had a lot of people waiting for them to crash.

After only a year the MCLEMOI Gallery was named among best 15 new galleries in the world by BLOUINARTINFO.

One of the most important things in business is to have a clear vision; manifest your life, and manifest the very thing you want.

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