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Dear girl of yesterday,

You came to me from a place of judgment, separation and fear. I saw your drivers come from fear although you put on a stoic facade. I know you drive your life from control, manipulation and dishonesty.

You judge the women who stood before you without understanding or awareness of a different reality that could be. The women who stood in front of you had wisdom, kindness & ambitions of comradery to offer. This was all yours, if you had just only taken a different perspective.

It’s a shame! You create your own separation from the fear that sits inside of you, all you want is to be loved and feel the connection to others.

It’s that very thing you can’t identify with, even when it’s starring straight back at you.

There is a little girl inside of you waiting to be trusted, to play and be loved. I can see her. I can see the fear that she has held as a burden from long ago. This fear has been created to keep her safe from harm.

This little girl feels safe to stay in the fear because no one has ever shown or told her differently.

You have caged this child so she can no longer be free to play with life. You will not free her by acting out, or silently screaming insecurities for not being loved or manipulating a situation and/or people.

Why do I see all this? I once walked in your shoes.

Although we are different, I would never intentionally break up a happy vibe. It’s bad news to come between situations already in motion. You will never reach what you are seeking and will only fulfill the self-fulfilling prophecy you silently tell yourself every day.

What you are looking for is not out there, it won’t be found by using others to supplement your own inability to nature you, love you and trust you. My girl, they will only reflect back to you what you feel inside.

It takes courage to go within, you have a beautiful little girl who needs you to set her free. She wants to play with the world and be loved.

You do have the courage to grow, what you seek sits with your inner child. She holds the key to your happiness.

Thank you; through your actions you have helped me to see that my own little girl has grown into a beautiful mature young women.

Who plays, loves & trusts life. My vibe is soaring and all those who match it will come & fly with me.

You do have a choice I hope you choose wisely.

Maybe I will see you one day soring to new heights.


With Compassion in my heart, Namaste.

The Women from Today.

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