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As human beings we need to have direction and focus but if we are not playing the game of life from our ‘sweet spot’ then we are just channeling weak or poor energy into what we are doing, this is not sustainable.

What is your Sweet Spot? This is your inner creativity and power center in which your true self can express itself.

The relationships we have built, business agreements we have made and investments we have set up are all ticking time bombs. Why…?

We are not playing from our ‘sweet spot’ and most likely are playing it safe and staying in the confinements of our own personal ‘safe zone’. Most of the time we are completely unaware we are playing in this zone.

Our safe zone is where we can accomplish great things but limit our true nature to create extraordinary experiences.

When we stay stuck in the ‘safe zone’ we start to stagnate, our energy starts to contract rather than expand. We get sidetrack and de-priorities our goals and our environment starts to shrink and we start playing small.

As our energy shrinks we start to loose the connection to our health, relationships and wealth.

So how do we anchor our energy into our ‘sweet spot’?

Firstly, it takes time to get in the Zone, but with regular awareness and reflection you’ll start to walk and before you know it you’ll find yourself operating from your own Zone of sweetness. You’ll have strong energy and it will flow out to all areas of your life.

The main reason we don’t live our lives from our own personal ‘sweet spot’ or dip in and out is simply that it’s surrounded by 4 major fears.

1. Fear of separation – that we will be abandoned or left behind

2. Fear of your own greatness – your greatness will come with a price

3. Fear of Failure – So many people never get started for the fear of failing

4. Fear of out shining others – You hold yourself back, you feel you need to hand over the spotlight to others

Which one or more of these resonated with you?

Ask yourself which fear inhabits you from living in your ‘sweet spot’? If you are anything like me I was running ¾ of those fears, they were impacting my health, energy, relationships and business.

Bringing awareness to this empowers you to look at it and take action.

We are complex creators we have ancestral and learned behaviors that fuel these fears so the next step is to work out which of your learnt habits or addictions fuel your fears.

You need to go all the way back to the source, ask yourself this… “I first felt this fear when……” sit quietly and wait for the awareness to come. This may come in as a visual memory or a feeling in the body, a remembrance of an experience or just a knowing.

Now you have the power to see what you need to change and maybe even take immediate action.

Let’s start to play from your ‘sweet spot’. Look at all areas in your life – relationships, wealth, health and business.

Ask yourself:

– What lights you up?
– What gives you energy?
– What are you willing to create?

Feel it in your body, see it in your mind and anchor the seeds of this creation. What can you bring into your ‘sweet spot’ to expand that experience, feeling and energy?

Energy needs nurturing, as you would nurture a child, brush your teeth or take care of a garden. You need to nurture your environment. Take 5 to 10 minutes a day to sit and experience your ‘sweet spot’ and ask what is the one thing I can bring into my zone today.

Now, watch an extraordinary life unfold in front of you.

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