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Krista J Smith

The EnergyCoach

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Health & Well Being Coach
Yoga Teaching


Qualified Health Coach

360+ hrs Yoga Teaching Certification

Active Member of the IICT

Active Member of the IYTA

Five Element Diagnostic

Nutrition Counselling

Pressure Point Therapy

Meridian Therapy

Posture Alignment

In Home Personal Coaching


Every day Krista wakes up in awe of our ability to be co-creators. “I get out of bed every day because I love the human spirit and our ability to be resilient, heal & transform”.


Krista J. Smith is a Qualified Health Coach. Through her work as a Health Coach, Yoga teacher and Shiatsu practitioner she has guided people to live extraordinary lives.


I have witnessed the extraordinary ability the physical body has to heal itself, watched the power of the mind and discovered the strength of the human spirit. Through my own journey I have been fortunate to study under some of the best bodywork specialists, health practitioners, thought leaders and spiritual teachers Australia, US & Europe has to offer.

“Health is Wealth” Krista is here to guide you to realign old habits with Confidence, Creativity and Passion! Breaking down the illusion of poor health & limitations. To create and attract the extraordinary and put your own unique energy into everything you do. It’s that vibration that connects you to health, purpose, loved ones and grows a natural sustainable future for you & our planet.

“Live The Extraordinary” with our MIND, BODY, HEART COACHING, Krista J. Smith. The Energy Coach.

Krista J Smith

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